Spring and summer are beautiful times of year, but one of the biggest issues for log home owners is that termites and other wood boring insects come out of hibernation. Warm months are often full of the perfect weather for these insects to thrive, and each year, these bugs cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to wood structures. While wood homeowners cannot control where these bugs live, they can control how appealing their home is.

Wood is a major building component that can be found on nearly every structure, from doors to decks, and even entire homes. As a homeowner, you will want to prevent bugs from boring through or eating the wood on your home. Many homeowners wonder if wood sealing will prevent bugs.

Sealing Wood To Prevent Bugs

One of the most reliable ways to prevent wood boring bugs, such as termites and beetles, is to seal the wood. Using a sealer will help prevent water damage, which weakens the wood and makes it more susceptible to termite damage.

Finding The Right Wood Sealing Product

In addition to preventing bugs, wood should be regularly sealed to prevent damage due to water, UV rays and regular wear-and-tear. Whether you are building a new wood deck or completing regular maintenance on your log home, finding the right wood sealing product is crucial. Contact your local wood coating and sealant store for help finding the correct product for your home.

Additional Ways To Prevent Bugs

While you will never be able to rid your entire neighborhood of bugs, there are some ways to make your wood home less appealing to wood boring insects. These include:

  • Buying wood that’s pre-treated, such as pressure treated pine. Pre-treated wood has an insecticide throughout the board which significantly reduces the risk of bugs.
  • Use naturally termite resistant wood, such as cedar, teak and redwood.
  • Applying a product such as borate powder, which prevents pests from eating the wood.

Symptoms To Watch For

Many times, you won’t know that pests are destroying the wood of your home. After all, pests such as termites, ants and beetles, bore through the wood, staying on the inside of the wood. However, there are some signs that wood homeowners should be aware of and regularly inspect their home for. These include:

  • Soft floors
  • Boards that creak as you walk
  • Doors that no longer align correctly or squeak
  • Noise in the walls
  • Flaky foundation

These signs may not always indicate that you have a pest problem in your home, but if you notice several of these signs arise quickly, you may want to contact a pest control company for an inspection.