Moisture is the number one enemy of log homes and wood decks. However, just because water is a big enemy does not mean that log homes are harder to maintain than manufactured homes or condos. Instead, wood home homeowners just need to learn the best way to preserve the wood on their log home or wood deck. A little prevention and due diligence goes a long way to keeping a log home or wood deck strong and sturdy for years to come!

Protecting Your Wood Home

There are many ways to protect your wood home, including keeping water away from the exterior, regularly checking for cracks or damage, and keeping landscaping at least three feet away from the exterior wood. However, one of the best preventative measures is preserving the wood of a log cabin or wood deck with a wood preserving product. Since moisture is the top enemy of your log home, you want to weatherproof your cabin and wood in a way that will keep out the water. This includes sealing and staining the wood.

Sealing Your Log Cabin

The first step you can take to prevent water from accumulating inside the wood of your home is to seal the wood. There are two ways to do this – caulk and weather stripping. Both have pros and cons, depending on your climate, home and budget.

  • Caulking - Caulk is a flexible compound that fills the cracks in any construction material. You may recall seeing it around your bathtub or sink in the bathroom, filling the gaps between these and the counter, floor and wall. Caulk can also be used to seal gaps in windows, frames and siding, keeping moisture out of your home.
  • Weather Stripping - Weather stripping is generally used to supplement caulking. It is a vinyl layer placed around windows and doors and is generally less permanent than caulk.

Staining Your Wood Home

Another step to protect the wood of your log home is to regularly stain the logs. Choosing the right stain not only affects the color and appearance, but also impacts the level of protection against sun and water damage. Logs should be stained immediately after construction, and then regularly as part of the upkeep of the home.

Finding The Right Product To Protect Your Wood Home

Are you looking for the right product to protect your wood home or log cabin? Do you notice mold or sun damage, or that water is absorbing into the wood? It could be time to restain or refinish your wood home. Contact the team at Lovitt’s Coatings to find the right product for your home.