A major concern for many wood homeowners is wood boring pests, such as termites, beetles and ants. These pests can cause exponential damage before the homeowner even notices they are there, weakening the structure, destroying the wood and costing thousands in repairs or pest treatments. However, there are steps homeowners can take to protect the wood of their log home, including borate powder treatment.

Understanding The Properties of Borate

Borate is a mineral that is mined from California. When borate is applied to wood, it makes the wood poisonous to insects, so pests will not feed on the treated wood. If borate powder or a wood product containing or coated with borate powder is consumed, it kills the microorganisms that produce enzymes in the insect’s stomach, which means the insect cannot absorb nutrients and will die.

Borate Powder Explained

Borate treatments are available in several forms, including liquid, concentrated glycol and powdered borate. Powdered borate comes in a loose powdered form, which is mixed with water and ready to apply to the wood. Powdered borate is great for interior woods that are not exposed to the outdoors or the elements, as water can wash away these treatments.

How To Apply Powdered Borate

Borate powder is relatively easy to apply to the wood in your home. First, start by protecting the surrounding area with a tarp or tape. Be sure to protect shrubs and grasses in the nearby area; borate powder is poisonous, so be careful with the application process.

Select an application day that is moderate in temperature, and when there is no rain in the forecast.

Next, mix the powdered solution with water according to directions in a pump sprayer or other application vessel; ensure the mix is blended well. For further questions about mixing the powdered borate, contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating.

Apply the solution by spraying slowly and evenly on all areas of wood that need to be treated. Don’t forget edges, under lips and back of exposed wood. Allow the wood to dry, which may take up to several days. To lock in the borate treatment, finish with a wood stain.

Not All Borate Powders Are Equal

If you are interested in learning more about borate powder or finding the right borate treatment for your log home, contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating. Our team can help you select the product that best suits your wood home.