Log homes are a special breed, anyone who owns one will tell you that!  Why do people choose to live in a home that defies traditional modern home building?  The answer is simple:  Log homes provide a natural environment that can take the breathe away from anyone, especially a first time visitor to a modern log home design.  We are not talking about the log cabins from the early settlers, although a lot still exist and people spend their lives protecting these structures, we are talking about engineering wonders which mix a collage of enhanced modern building materials such as steel, glass, and stone products that number in the hundreds of choices!  When the combinations of natural wood and these materials combine the results are astonishing.  
But no one talks about the maintenance of these "works of art", the protective coatings that will be needed to make these structures their best, not just when they are new but for the life of the log home.  That's where Lovitt's Coatings has developed the most sophisticated line of wood stains, wood cleaners &brighteners, and masonry sealers designed specifically for the demanding needs and special characteristics of log homes and natural building materials.  Our products are designed to be the most resilient, easy to apply, and performing products that don't forget about the inevitable need for maintenance.  We keep long term maintenance in mind in the development of our products, they don't peel, they don't darken, and they work!