The rich, deep color of wood is what makes log homes so beautiful. It’s a unique color and hue that is hard to reproduce, and has been considered magnificent for decades. However, over time, the color of wood homes, decks and furniture begins to dull. Regular upkeep must be performed on log homes to maintain the wood and keep it preserved for years to come.

Why Clean A Wood Home

Like any other type of building, the exterior of your log home will eventually get dirty. Even though you applied coatings and sealers, these protective layers will someday get dirty or even start to wear out.

Things like overhanging trees, dirt roads and yard work will kick up dust and debris that will settle on your home. Cobwebs may form in cracks, and birds nesting in the eves may leave droppings on the logs. Even if you live in a clean neighborhood or street, eventual wear-and-tear will work down the once deep, glowing color of your log home to a dull sheen.

In addition to cosmetic damage, there are practical reasons to clean the wood of your log home. Clean logs breathe better and are therefore able to dry out more readily. With wood rot posing significant risk to log homes, it is important to have logs that dry out quickly to prevent mold, mildew and cracking.

Cleaning also helps to remove items that could be harmful to your log home, such as mold and mildew. It is also necessary to clean logs in preparation for reapplying coatings or finish to the wood in order to maximize the ability of the stain to penetrate the spores and adhere to the wood. 

Cleaning The Wood Of A Log Home

Luckily, you do not have to guess at the best way to clean the logs on your wood home. Lovitt’s Coating produces an easy-to-use Cleaner and Brightener kit that is perfect for all wood homes, decks and furniture. The two-step cleaner is professional grade, made for contractors and natural wood homeowners, so you know it’s up for the task. We have several kits and individual products on hand, so you can find the size that works best for your home or deck.

The Lovitt’s Cleaner and Brightener can remove all failed oil and clay based stains, as well as oxidized sealers and water repellents. In addition, it can remove light mildew and tannin bleeding, leaving the wood a natural color and pH balanced.

The Cleaner and Brightener is perfect for cleaning and restoration of log homes, wood sidings, decks, fences and furniture. It is effective on all exterior wood surfaces, so you know you are getting the most for your dollar.

Getting Started With Cleaning Your Wood Home

If you are ready to reseal your log home, deck or siding, the first step is to properly clean and brighten the wood. Contact the team at Lovitt’s Coatings for tips, and get your Cleaner and Brightener kit today.