Unless your home is treated like a museum, your log home probably has some dings and dents. That is just a part of living with wood homes! Over time, sun exposure may cause gray wood, wood floors may experience scratches or dings, and finish on wood decks may start to peel – whatever the case, it happens! Daily use wears away at the finish on wood surfaces, leaving mysterious scratches, dents and dings, while regular exposure to the elements can cause wear for outdoor elements. But these do not have to live on your wood home or deck forever. There are some easy ways to repair damaged wood finish. 

Professional Repairs

Many small-scale dents, scratches and wear-down can be repaired by homeowners with a few key tools and supplies. However, how do you know if you should leave the repair to a professional? If the wood home or deck is of high value or the work is extensive, you might want to contact a professional wood restoration company to tackle the repairs. Fixing wood finish can be easy, but if the damage is extensive, it may be best to leave it to a professional. 

Maintaining Your Wood Surfaces

Maintenance is the easiest way to prevent damage to your wood home. Lack of regular maintenance can be the biggest cause of issues with wood finish. Wood siding needs to be painted or sealed about every four to nine years, and wood surfaces like decks and flooring need to be refinished to prevent UV, water or pest damage. 

Performing Repairs to Damaged Wood Finish

If your wood deck or log home has acquired some damage over the years, do not worry. There are easy ways to repair damaged wood finish. Below are a few of the most common repairs you may need to do on your wood surfaces. The different techniques can often be applied to a variety of damage, so check out the list to see if there is a solution closest to the type of damage you are planning to repair.

Remember, before tackling any of the below repairs, thoroughly clean the wood surface to remove any excess debris. This will ensure your repair methods work and stick to the wood. 

Moisture Damage

If the wood finish has worn down, your wood surface may be exposed to water damage, either through rain or high humidity, and the wood can rot or swell. To prevent moisture from getting into the wood, regularly reapply finish to any wood surfaces. Ensure that any finishes you buy are made specifically for log homes or wood decks. These types of finishes allow the wood to “breathe” while still sealing them from moisture.

Additionally, ensure your gutters and drainage systems are in consistent working order. One of the biggest culprits of water damage on log homes are gutters that are not working properly, causing standing water on the wood.

Fixing Scratches on Wood Surfaces

This is one of the most common small-scale damages to wood floors or walls. This can happen without your knowledge on an outdoor wood patio, or if a heavy item is pushed across a wood floor. Whatever the case, scratches can leave unsightly marks on your wood surfaces. Here is how to repair it.
Scratches can sometimes be filled or removed simply by cleaning the wood. If that does not work, look for scratch-covering polish in the cleaning section. Deeper scratches may need to be tackled with a wax stick or touch up marker. 

Repairing Small Chips on Wood Surfaces

If something has caused a small chip in the wood’s finish, but the underlying color is still intact, you can fill the ding with a few small drops of clear nail polish. Once the polish has dried, sand the area with 600-grit sandpaper to level the polish.

Preventing Damage to Log Homes and Wood Decks

Of course, it is easier to never have to do these repairs. Prevent damage to your wood surfaces by following the below tips: 

  • Regularly clean your wood surfaces with a damp dishcloth and mild dish soap, drying immediately after. 

  • Keep the finish up on your log home or wood deck. 

  • Polish surfaces such as floors after cleaning. 

  • Regularly dust wood walls and floors using a soft, dry lint-free cloth. This helps avoid build-up and protects the finish. 

  • If possible, keep wood surfaces out of direct sunlight. We know that is not always possible with patios or the exterior of wood homes, but if you can close blinds to protect wood flooring, it will help in the long run! 

  • Maintain a consistent temperature and humidity in your home. 

Finding the Best Wood Finish

Are you searching for wood finish that will last on your log home or projects? Contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating to find the right supplies for your project today.