Not only is wood a beautiful building material, but it can be strong and durable as well. However, that does not mean that wood is invincible. Because it is a natural material, wood is susceptible to natural forces that could wear on the exterior of your log home or wood cabin. While wood may deteriorate over time, there are some ways that you can preserve the wood logs of your home, making your cabin or home last for many years.

Causes Of Damage To Wood Logs

Because wood is a natural product, wood rot can take over, causing irreversible damage to the logs of your wood home or log cabin. Wood naturally shrinks and expands as the temperature and humidity change. This expansion and contraction can cause cracking or checks in the wood, which could eventually let in water accumulation. If this water is allowed to accumulate in the wood, it could lead to wood rot. However, there are a few ways to preserve the wood logs of your home.

Preserving Wood Logs

  • Have Proper Drainage - Do not allow water to accumulate near the foundation of your home or on the roof of your cabin. Proper drainage is key to ensuring water stays away from the logs of your wood home. Make sure that water drains away from your foundation, and that gutters and downspouts are clear to prevent moisture from backing up into the eaves or leaking inside the home. Additionally, you should ensure that your eaves are oversized, extending at least two to three feet deep to protect your exterior wood walls from moisture and sun exposure.
  • Apply A Protective Layer - Much like you wear sunblock to the beach to protect your skin from the sun, you should similarly protect the logs of your wood home from UV rays. Consider using pigmented wood stains and products with UV protection when finishing the exterior logs on your home or wood deck.
  • Keep An Eye Out - While you may take preventative measures to protect your log home from water and sun damage, some things can still slip by. Keeping a watchful eye on the wood logs on your home will help you identify and fix any issues as soon as they happen, preventing them from developing into larger issues that may cause irreversible damage. This includes watching for cracks, mold, sun damage, peeling paint or soft wood.
  • Keep Landscaping Away From The House - Ideally, ground cover, trees, shrubs and mulch should be at least three feet away from the exterior of your wood home to keep debris, bugs and excess water off the walls.
  • Double Check - If you are unsure if your exterior logs have proper protection, use a hose to spray the exterior wood in several places. If the water beads up, your preventative products such as stains and finishes are working. If the water is soaking in, it is probably time to refinish or restain the wood.

Protecting Your Wood Home

Do you notice mold or sun damage, or that water is absorbing into the wood? It could be time to restain or refinish your wood home. Contact the team at Lovitt’s Coatings to find the right product for your home.