Your deck is one of the best external features on your home. From backyard barbecues to afternoons spent lounging and reading a book, your wood deck is a versatile space that can bring you lots of joy. However, harsh weather conditions such snow, sun rays, rain and pests can slowly wear down the finish on your wood deck. You should plan to regularly restain your wood deck. There are a few key ways to know it is time to restain your deck, as well as a few signs it is time to replace your deck instead.

Benefits of Restoring or Restaining Your Deck

A beautiful, restained deck will not only look great, but it will also extend the life of the wood. There are a few important benefits to restoring or restaining your deck.

  • Preventative care – Restaining the wood before any major damage happens will cost significantly less than replacing the wood or completing major repairs on the wood. Restaining is a cheap alternative to a new deck!
  • Take inventory – Restaining is a good time to take inventory and check out the structure of your deck, and fix any small issues before they develop into long-term problems. This could include tightening or replacing nails, fixing lose pieces or sanding down splinters.
  • Increase value – A beautiful deck is an easy improvement that can help increase the overall resale value of your home, allowing it to sell faster and for a higher amount.

Signs Your Deck Needs to be Refinished

How do you know when it is time to restain your deck? You do not want to be doing work when you do not need to, but waiting too long to restain your deck could have negative consequences. Here are a few ways to know it is time to restain your deck.

Peeling or Flaking Paint

If there are places where paint or stain are flaking off the wood, this is a sign the paint is no longer protecting the deck. This may be because the deck was improperly finished, without being washed or dried correctly before painting or staining. If you see this, the best option is to strip the deck and give it a good wash before restaining.

Old, Grey Wood

If your wood looks gross, chances are, it is time to restain. This could include graying wood, dull finish or faded coloring. Whatever the case, it is time to restore the beauty of the deck and restain to breathe new life into the wood.

Absorbing Water

This is a big one! Your stain and finish on your deck should repel the water off the wood. When a small amount of water is dropped on the wood, it should bead up and pool on the wood, which prevents the wood from absorbing it and maintaining moisture. If you notice your deck is absorbing water, it is time to add another protective layer.

Mold and Mildew

If you deck is growing mold, mildew or fungus, it is probably not repelling water properly. Mold and mildew might be growing because water is getting into the wood fibers and keeping the wood moist.

How Often Should Your Deck Be Re-Stained?

Many homeowners wonder how often they should restain their deck on their home. To keep the wood protected and keep the deck looking nice, you should restain your deck every two to three years. This amount may vary depending on the amount of use your deck gets, if it is shaded from the sun or if the climate in your area is particularly harsh. If your deck begins to show signs of wear, such as mold buildup, water soaking into boards or stain color fading, you should restain your deck sooner to prevent further damage.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to achieve a uniform color if all boards are not restained at the same time, so we encourage homeowners to tackle this project all at once.

Signs Your Deck Should be Replaced Instead of Re-Stained

Unfortunately, not everything can be fixed with a new stain. There are a few signs that your deck needs to be replaced instead of restained.

  • Erosion around base or posts
  • Extensive surface damage or widespread discoloration
  • Gaps between deck and home
  • Rotten posts

Professional Assistance

Restaining your deck can be a fun weekend project that you can tackle as a home owner. However, you are going to need the best wood stain for decks to get the job done. Contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating to get all the supplies you need to complete your project. Our team are experts on log homes, wood furniture and wood decks, so you can ensure you are getting the right product for your job.