Borate is a product used as a wood treatment that is used to protect wood from pests, bugs, wood-boring insects and decay-causing fungi. It has been widely used for more than four decades to preserve log homes, frame houses, wood artifacts and even wood boats. It is a naturally occurring mineral salt mined in California, and is completely safe to use in the home and on wood products that are in high-traffic areas.

How Does Borate Work?

Borate products eliminate wood as a food source for termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles and decay fungi. Borate products make the wood poisonous, so pests will not feed on the affected wood. If borate powder (or a wood product containing or coated with borate powder) is consumed, it kills the microorganisms that produce enzymes in the insect’s stomach. This means the insect cannot absorb nutrients and will die.

What Is Borate Powder?

Powdered borate is one type of borate product, which prevents bugs and other pests from eating the wood of the home or structure. Powdered borate comes in a powdered form, which is mixed with water and ready to apply to the wood.

How To Apply Borate Powder

Protect the surrounding area - Lay a protective barrier, such as tarp or tape, around the area being treated. If not applied carefully, the solution can leach into the ground and poison some grasses, so protect the surrounding area and be careful with your application process.

Mix the solution - The borate powder product will have instructions on how to mix the solution. Mix the solution in a pump sprayer or other application vessel, and contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating if you have further questions about mixing the product. Ensure the mix is blended well.

Spray - Spray the solution slowly and evenly onto all areas of wood that need to be treated. Make sure you spray edges, under lips and the back of all exposed wood.

Dry - Allow the wood to air dry for up to several days. It is best to pick an application day that is not too hot or cold, and when there is no rain in the forecast.

Stain - Finish with a wood stain to lock in the borate to prevent it from leaching out of the wood.

Choosing The Right Borate Powder

If you are ready to apply borate powder products to your log home or cabin, contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating to find the product that is right for your home and area. Our team can help you select the product and amount that best suits your home.