Whether you have installed a brand new wood patio or recently purchased a log home, you may be wondering about the best way to protect your investment. It is no secret that one of the most dangerous elements for wood buildings and decks is water, which can easily and quickly cause damage to wood decks, homes, furniture, and other log structures. Additionally, UV rays, pests, insects, and mold can also leave your wood surfaces damaged. To keep your outdoor wood surfaces looking good for years, you will want to ensure the wood is protected. But what is the best way to protect your wood? Can you use a masonry sealer on wood?

Why Seal Your Wood Surfaces

Wood surfaces such as patios, decks, furniture, and log homes need regular protection to prevent damage due to water, sun, wind, insects, and mold. Caring for your wood surfaces means regularly sealing the project to keep it protected, lengthening the lifespan of your wood deck or log home.

Any wood that is exposed to outdoor elements, such as water, sun, and insects, needs to be regularly treated, even if it’s covered by a roof or porch. Using a sealer can help prevent:

  • Cracks, warping, splitting wood that could result from moisture infiltrating the wood
  • Scratches from people walking or moving furniture
  • Discoloration or other wear-and-tear due to UV rays
  • Mold, mildew, or other pores penetrating the wood fibers

Why You May Use Masonry Sealer On Your Wood

With so many great products geared toward sealing wood, you may wonder why you would want to use masonry sealer on your exterior wood deck or log home. Masonry sealer and masonry paints generally have a greater variety of colors than wood-specific products. While wood finishes generally have a wood-toned look to the final product, masonry sealers and paints have a wider variety of colors, from bright blues to deep greens and vibrant reds. Additionally, masonry sealers stick to any porous surface very well, sometimes outlasting the lifespan of wood-specific sealers and finishes. This means you can go longer between touch-ups and finishes. Some masonry sealer coats on wood can last up to ten years!

How To Use Masonry Sealer On Wood

Using masonry sealer or masonry paint on wood is quite simple, and can have an eye-popping effect that lasts for a long time. Once you have selected the masonry paint you want to use, you can simply roll it onto the wood surface. Usually, one layer will do the trick, but you can always add additional layers to get the desired effect.

When using masonry sealer on wood, remember that masonry sealer is much thicker than wood sealant. Because of this, you will probably want to just roll or paint it on, and avoid spraying it on the wood surface, as this may clog the sprayer. If you do need to use a sprayer, make sure you get a tip that has a wider opening so it does not clog. You will also want to backroll with a roller to ensure the paint is pushed into all the nooks and crannies.

Additionally, keep in mind the masonry sealer has a higher V.O.C., so reserve this type of sealer for outdoor projects and exterior wood where there is plenty of ventilation. Always remember to follow basic safety procedures no matter what your project entails.

Getting The Right Masonry Sealant For Your Wood

If you are ready to purchase materials and supplies to finish or seal your outdoor wood deck or log home, contact the team at Lovitt’s Coating. Not only does Lovitt’s Coating have all the supplies you need, but our professional team can provide you with expert advice on your project. Contact Lovitt’s today to get started.